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Tourism Liptov and surroundings

tourism liptov prosiek valley

Prosiek valley Chocske vrchy

The Prosiek Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovakia.(the readers of the magazine Beauties of Slovakia indicated it as the most beautiful).The valley is a part of Chočské mountains. It was created by the erosion activity of the river Prosečianka. The valley beginns on the end of the village Prosiek, so you can leave your car on the parking place near a cottage and you can gor for hiking or only to walk. It is 3,5 km long. The biggest attraction is on the entrance to the valley the gorge – Vráta (gate) later it is a waterfall and on the end there are climbing ladders leading on stones through the gorge. Through the whole valley leads a nature trail with lots of information boards describing the characteristics of the region. It is marked by blue and white signs. We recommend to our guests the circular tour (Svorad circle) from Prosiecka valley and then back through the Kvačianska valley, where you will also find an open air museum in the nature - Oblazy and then you will return back to Prosiek to our cottage.

kvacianska dolina liptov turistika

Kvacianska dolina Chocske vrchy

This valley is situated in a parallel with the Prosiecka valley and has a similar character. The biggest attraction is the Oblazy area, where you will find two water mills, which are a technical monuments. The mills are nowadays again in operation and step by step more reconstructed by volunteers from Slovakia and also volunteers from other European countries. During your visit these people can answer all your questions. During the tour through the valley they are view points.A stone named “Jánošíkova hlava” you can see from one of them

nizke tatry dumbier chopok valley

Demanovska valley Chopok - Nizke Tatry

It is the most visited valley of the Low Tatras. It is located south of Liptovský Mikuláš on the northern slopes of the Low Tatras and it is a part a of the Low Tatras and belongs to the National Park Nízke Tatry. The most famous attractions are the Ice caves, the Cave of liberty and the ski resort Jasná. Jasná is the highest located place in the Demänovská valley. The tourists can take a variety of tours and excursions in the valley. We can recommend to you for a example a trip by the cable car to the mountain Chopok and for the advanced tourists ridge hiking to the mountain Ďumbier. And don´t forget to walk around the Vrbické pleso(mountain lake), it is wonderful.

Cerenová stone Liptovská Anna

Cerenova stone Chocske vrchy

Cerenová skala is located in the mountain chain of Choč part on the end of the village Liptovská Anna. The stone you can already see from the parking place before our cottages. It is not a time-consuming hill, but on the top of this stone is a little view point with a wonderfull view to Liptovská Mara. It takes time to climb only 1 hour and is possible to manage also with little children.

Ziarska valley Zapadne Tatry Liptov

Ziarska valley Zapadne Tatry

A favorite destination for tourism fans is Žiarska valley. The blue marked track crosses the valley very easily – tarmacadam 6km long and it is ending on the Žiarská cottage. This trip is very suitable for families with little children – no problem for them to manage it. The brook Smrečianska flows through the whole valley. If you want to continue in your hiking from Žiarska chata without little children for longer trips - Smutné sedlo, Žiarske sedlo, Baranec, Plačlivé, Ostrý Roháč, Baníkov or Volovec, do it, very nice. All tracks are perfect marked. If you want to be faster down the valley you can lend a scooter and you will return it on the parking place. Very interesting for children is a cave Medvedia jaskyňa( Bear cave) with lanterns for everybody to see in the dark. It is a reconstructed gold mine - full reconstruction in year 2012.

archelogical museum Havránok Liptovska Mara

archelogical museum Havranok Liptovska Mara

The archelogical museum is located above the damm Liptovská Mara. You will find here a Kerltic fortalice of a Kotins settlement with a druid sanctuary from the first millenium BC. The Slavonic settlement was here in later centuries.Today you can admire reconstructed dwellings,a ceramics kiln,a sacrifice place and banks with a gate. Cultural enterprises as swordsmanship, demonstration of Kerltic religious ceremonial and demonstration of old handicraft are as an event often during the summer.

ruine Liptovsky castle Lptov

Liptovsky Castle Liptovska Sielnica

It is a ruine in the region of Liptov. Ruines of this castle are located on the mountain Sestrč above the villages Kalameny and Bukovina. This castle was the highest located castle in Slovakia. The first mention of it is from the year 1262. Its foundation was reconstructed in the eighties of the 20 th century. It is available for public to visit it along red marked touristic track Vlachy – Havránok – Bukovina – Sedlo pod Kráľovou, or yellow marked Kalameny – Sedlo pod Kráľovou and than to the saddleback Poľana.

Kráľovský strážny castle Likava

Castle Likava Likava

King guarding castle built before the year 1341. The architecture of the castle is a cultural heritage of the period of late gothic and renaissance. The palace complex belongs to the oldest buildings in Slovakia. It was the property of the Hungarian kingdom after December 1670. Ferencz Rakoci II has given a command to destroy it in the year 1707.The castle was partially reconstructed in the year 2004 and the public can admire the Hunyady tower with an exhibition of pictures and exponates.

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