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Aqua-parks Liptov and surroundings

Liptov Aquapark Tatralandia Liptovsky Mikulas

Aqua-park Tatralandia - Liptovsky Mikulas

Aqua - park Tatralandia is the biggest year-round water paradise in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. We can say it is one of the most visited holidays centers in Slovakia. Tatralandia is situated on the northern shore of the Liptovská Mara reservoir. The Aqua-park offers a lot of attractions - the visitors can enjoy the open slides, the tubes, the U-ramp, the Vital world, a rope-way, volleyball playgrounds, trampolines and of course the thermal water with a temperature of 30°C - 40°C. The high temperatures of water allows opening for relax year - round 365 days. The warm mineral water is beneficially for the locomotive organs and for the airways too. The biggest complex in Tatralanadia is the Tropical paradise. It is a complex in a shape of a sea shell with tropical clime and average year-long temperature of 30°C. For its housing it was used a special foil, which release the sunshine and you can take a sunbath also in the winter under the roof.

Inside the Tropical paradise you can find besides the swimming pools with water and massage attractions a corsair and a water buffet too. A snorkel pool, where you can see on your own eyes the multicolored undersea world of corals and sea fish. The tropical ambience enhance alive growing palms. The biggest restaurant in the area of Tatralandia – Restaurant Paradiso, is located here. Every year you can find new attractions and tubes, you will be never bored in Tatralandia.

Liptov Aquapark Gino paradise Besenova

Aqua-park Besenova Besenova

Aqua-park Besenova is the second biggest aqua-park in Slovakia after Tatralandia and it is located near the village of Bešeňová. The temperature in the pools is between 36°C - 40°C.The water source has 61°C degrees and they have to cool the water down. The water bubble up from a drilling depth 1987 meters. The warm mineral water is beneficially for the locomotive organs , for the airways, for urological problems and has also kindly cosmetic effect. The visitors can use the outdoor and indoor pools, whirlpools, tubes and a great sauna world. The most of pools and also the indoor tube are from stainless steel. The whole area is covered by a housing and so you can take its advantage year – round. The Adrenalin zone has 6 tubes, a large pool with sea waves, with a observation tower and a glassed lift and a big pool for children with attractions too. The whole length of the tubes for this area is now more as 1 kilometer and it is starting in a height of 30 meters. Two of the tubes are longer as 200 meters and they are the longest in Slovakia. The Adrenalin area is covered by a housing, so you can enjoy the attractions all year long.

Liptov Aquapark Aqua-Vital

Aqua-Vital park Lucky

Aqua-Vital park is a part of the spa Lúčky. The spa Lúčky is in the village with the same name - Lúčky. It is very simple to find it. Aqua Vital park is opened year – round. The visitors can use the outdoor pool with a temperature of 28 °C - 33 °C. Various attractions you can use here too. (water bench with air massage, a waterfall, a counter flow , a rocking bay, and an underwater lighting) The outdoor pool for relaxing has healing mineral water with a temperature of water 36 °C - 38 °C. The indoor healing mineral pool has a temperature of 32 °C and 35 °C. The Vital world has its Finnish sauna, a Roman steam bath,(with an effect of natural essential oils) a menthol sauna ,a Kneipp bath for feet, massage turbo showers , and an ice bucket and a tepidarium. A Snack bar is opened too. The advantage against to the big aqua- parks is the lower price. Directly in the village you can see a wonderfull waterfall

Thermal swimming pool Liptovsky Jan

Thermal swimming pool Liptovsky Jan

The thermal swimming pool is in the village Liptovský Ján. The thermal mineral water is spreading from the travertine banks. The spa was established in the 19 th century. The thermal water is mineralized, hydro -carbonated and strong carbonated, calcic and magnesium contents too. The water is hypotonic and has a temperature of 29°C. The bad smell od hydrogen sulphate is characteristic for this water. The water is suitable for healing of metabolism diseases, gastric and intestinal diseases, for diseases of gall bladder and liver, for solving of problems with blood pressure and allergic problems too. The area has a relaxing pool a pool for children and a big swimming pool. A playground for beach volleyball and a lot of kinds of refreshment possibilities are of course for your disposal too.

Liptov water reservoir Liptovska Mara

Liptovska Mara water reservoir

Liptovská Mara is an artificial water reservoir with a hydroelectric power plant. During the summer is Liptovska Mara well known for the tourism in the region of Liptov. The best beach for bathing you will find in the auto camping Liptovský Trnovec. You can use the excellent possibilities for bathing, surfing, yachting, for boats, for water cycling, water scooters. Several ship are starting from the beach for a sigt seeing tour along the Liptovska Mara. A lot of buffets and attractions for little children are here too.

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