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Only five minutes from Tatralandia and Besenova

Attractions Liptov and surroundings

Zoo Kontakt Liptovsky Mikulas

Zoo Kontakt Liptovsky Mikulas

Zoo kontakt is located in the village Jakubovany near Liptovský Mikuláš 400 animals are waiting for you in Zoo kontakt - household and exotic too. These animals were born in human care and without the human care they are not able to survive in the nature. Your children will be suprised, because they can see the animals, play with them feed them and take a picture with them.

Upside down house and Heliport

Upside down house Liptovsky Mikulas

This house is interesting, because it is an upside down house with a roof on the bottom. It is a real house with a kitchen,living room, bedroom, bathroom and you will find here even a doghouse.You can visit it also from its inside. Heliport Liptov is located near the house, you can order a flight by a helicopter and admire our nice region from bird´s eye view.

liptov Fishrestaurant Liptovska Mara

Fishrestaurant „Na háku“ Liptovska Sielnica

Themed restaurant in Liptovská Sielnica (only 5 km from our cottages) The restaurant offers various fish speciaties. The most favorite is the baked- smoked trout. The fish you can eat here but you can to fish your own in the lake next to the restaurant.

bobsleigh fun park Ziarce liptov

Bobsleigh FUN PARK Ziarce

Adrenallin attraction for little children (above 7 years) and adults too. You can enjoy your speeding on the length of 1000m. It is the steepest speeding in Slovakia. Maximum speed is limited to 45 km/ by using of a brake. Chopok,and Demänova caves i are also near of Pavčina Lehota.

Liptovlasers - Laser arena

Laser arana Liptovsky Mikulas

Have an experience – a gunlight in a labyrint for fans of attraction. You will play in a closed,new hall without injuries and tainting.a it is opposite to paintball not dangerous. You can try also the game Laser Maze or the Escape room in a area of a teacher cabinet. You have to solve all riddles and tasks to get the way out.Laser area is in Liptovsky Mikulas good idea for bad weather.

gallery Ilusia Liptovsky Mikulas

Illusia Gallery Liptovsky Mikulas

Illusia Gallery is a world of optical illusions and educational tricks. You can read here a newspaper on the roof of the skyscraper. You can phone on the bottom of the pool. You can feel the reality an other way as you are used. Visit it and try it.

Mini Slovakia Liptovský Ján

Mini Slovakia Liptovsky Jan

The park Mini Slovakia is built in Liptovský Ján. Slovakia has a lot of cultural monuments and historical buildings. You can find them here on one place. Of course not in its real dimension but in design of models in a scale 1:25 - castles Bojnice, Strečno, Levoča townhall and many other. The garden little railway is in performance in the park too. The models have detailed fabrication and more and more are built.

Monaco Grand Prix go karts

Monaco Go-kart Liptovsky Mikulas

The smell of petrol, fast stock cars and a racing circuit 420 m long. Don´t hesiate to try as a fan of motor sport but also when you want to try it first in your life. Stock cars Subaru are for your disposal. Stock cars with 5 horsepower engine for children and 7 horsepower engine for adults. You can refresh in a bar. The Go—kart hall is located near the village Závažná Poruba 20 minutes to drive from our cottage.

Huricane factory Liptovsky Mikulas

Huricane factory Liptovsky Mikulas

Flying in a aerodynamic tunnel. This high building you can´t miss when you visit Tatralandia.It is located vey close to the aquapark. Huricane factory is an attraction full of adreanlin. Flying is aproved for children above 5 years and adults. It is fun for the whole family

Cottage Maria Liptov. We are very close to all attractions in this region ...

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