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Caves Liptov and surroundings

Demänovská ice cave Liptov

Demanovska ice cave

Two caves are opened in the Demänova valley. The Demänová Ice Cave entrance is located in the cliff Bašta on the northern side of Low Tatras mountains, only two kilometers northerly from the Demänovska Cave of Liberty. The first one is on the left side with a large parking place. The first name of the Ice cave was a Dragon cave, because the people who discovered it, thought that the bones belong to the dragon, but they were bones of the cave bear. The cave was discovered in the year 1299 and therefore it is one of the oldest caves in Europe. For public it was opened after the year 1880. Its length is 1900 meters, for public are free 680 meters. The cave is very nice. You will be interested in the ice columns - stalactites, and stalagmites. The cave tour takes 45 minutes, warm clothes are recommended.

Demanovska caves liberty Liptov

Demanovska cave of liberty

The second one you will, get by a natural trail by serpentines from the parking place. It is the most visited cave in Slovakia. It was discovered by A. Král and by A. Mišura in the year 1921. The cave was opened for public in the year 1924. The cave created the mountain stream Demänovka. The decoration of the cave is very beautiful in colours from white, rose and to red. Marvelous are also the little lakes with the crystal clear deep water. You can choose from two trips. The traditional is 60 minutes, the exclusive is 100 minutes. Also in this case is warm cloth recommended. The average temperature 6,1-7°C

Vazecka cave liptov

Vazecka cave

This cave is the longest distance from our cottage. The cave is located between Liptovský Mikuláš and Poprad – the old road, on the end of the village Važec. The cave is for public opened from year 1954. It represents an important paleontological finding place of cave bear bones, which was bigger and heavier as the present brown bear. This sculpture is installed in the cave. The decoration of the cave is very beautiful and rich of stalactites and stalagmites. The trip is 235 meters long.

Stanisovska cave Janska valley

Stanisovska cave

This cave you will find in the Jánska valley on the end of the village Liptovský Ján. It belongs to the oldiest caves in Slovakia. We speak about two caves - Malá Stanisovska cave ( the little cave) and Veľká Stanisovska cave( the big cave).The trip is is 480 meters long. The cave is opened also on Mondays. The decoration is on some places damaged. It is a very nice experience for families with children. Every visitor will get before the entrance a head light.

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